In the field of engineering and infrastructure management, building maintenance stands as a fundamental pillar to ensure the longevity, safety and functionality of architectural structures. At GPBMU, we recognize the intrinsic value of a methodical and strategic approach to building care.

We have extensive experience in the technical evaluation of building maintenance systems. Our team provides ongoing guidance to both domestic and international clients in upgrading or modifying equipment designed to access building facades. We are committed to providing expert advice to ensure optimal solutions for each project.


In the life cycle of our BMUs, maintenance is at the heart of ensuring their optimal performance and safe operation. From the engineering phase through to construction in our factory, close collaboration between our technical staff and engineers enables us not only to keep the number of incidents to zero during production, but also to ensure strict compliance with the deadlines agreed with our customers. We have completed numerous projects internationally, and we can count on quality results thanks to the dedication of the team at every stage of development.

As a manufacturer, we are distinguished by our ability to ensure each of the materials and components used in our machines, thus reaffirming our commitment to the overall quality of our products.

Our approach to maintenance is divided into two fundamental operations:

Preventive Maintenance: these actions are executed on a regular basis to preserve the optimal performance and safety of each BMU. Our regular inspections ensure that the machine operates throughout its lifetime with the same efficiency and safety as from the day of its initial installation.

Corrective Maintenance: when deficiencies are identified due to natural wear of certain parts or minor damage caused by continued use, we take action with corrective maintenance operations. These precise and focused interventions are performed to fully restore the BMU’s performance and integrity, ensuring its uncompromised operation in terms of safety and efficiency.

Our commitment to rigorous maintenance translates into the durability, reliability and safety of each piece of equipment, thus supporting the trust our customers place in our height access solutions.

When to replace a BMU

The recommendation to replace or upgrade an old BMU is based on several common causes. These include design flaws in the original engineering, non-compliance with current regulations, lack of maintenance that can lead to severe damage or excessive degradation of its components. In addition, the need to address new façade maintenance requirements not addressed by the old BMU and the performance compared to more modern models are determining factors for this recommendation.

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