Building maintenance units, also known as BMUs, are equipment for accessing façades for cleaning, maintenance and repair. At GPBMU we offer diverse types of technology according to the needs of each of our clients.

The installation process of any technology has two previous steps that we cover in GPBMU with our services. These steps are, firstly, the engineering process, and secondly, the manufacturing process.

During the engineering we develop technical documentation, various calculations relevant to the installation of the equipment, 2D and 3D design of the equipment and electrical engineering processes. In addition, GPBMU is involved since the design phase of the building, in order to guarantee solutions that integrate with the architecture and provide an effective response to the client’s needs.

After the engineering phase, we build the machine in our factories. Being a manufacturer allows us to guarantee each and every one of the materials and components used in our façade access solutions. In addition, our operators and our engineers work in collaboration to reduce to zero the number of incidents during any part of the process.


The installation of our gondolas depends on the model required by the client. GPBMU offers four types of gondolas.

The GPN model is one of the most versatile machines, and is used in projects of all heights, with single decks where the machine moves freely along the parapet. It has two booms and allows a reach of up to 4-5 metres approximately. Due to its versatility, the installation has several options: travel along rails or on wheels for concrete tracks; slewing ring; pin system; web control and others.

The GPI model is used in buildings of all height ranges and with straight or negative facades, with the installation of a pantograph. The final installation is always customised and is equipped with different options: telescopic booms; luffing booms; parking table; radio control; multi-layers up to 500 metres; travel along rails or on wheels in the case of concrete tracks; telescopic mast; rotating crown; rotating head; pin system; web control and others.

The GPIT model is used in buildings of all height ranges and with straight or negative facades. Thanks to its telescopic arm, it is the machine with the longest reach. It operates easily on roofs with multiple obstacles and can be mounted with a pantograph to provide access to receding facades. Due to its characteristics, the installation has the same options as the GPI model.

The GCM model uses small motorised baskets, and offers similar features to the other machines, with use limited to buildings up to 120 metres. The installation of this model is advantageous as far as the motorised basket is concerned, as the same basket can be used in other systems such as other GCMs, davits, etc.


Davits are the economical and efficient solution for simple challenges. The use of this machine becomes convenient when the load capacity of the building or the configuration of the roof makes it impossible to install a gondola system. They are fixed with a turnbuckle that facilitates their assembly on the different bases. They also have an internal safety cable and are used in combination with a single or double motorised basket, with a load capacity of up to 350kg.


Monorails are the solution for buildings that do not allow the installation of machinery on the roof. The assembly of the monorail involves the installation of brackets around the entire perimeter of the building, along which a motorised basket for one or two people will move.

Monorails can also be installed inside buildings for the maintenance of structures at height.


Gantries are the solution for the internal and external maintenance of glazed structures. They are rail-mounted systems that allow access to hard-to-reach surfaces where direct contact with the glass is not recommended. They can incorporate motorised baskets for one or two people, or have specially designed bridges for one or more operators.

Suspended platforms

Suspended platforms for working at heights are characterised by their lightness and at the same time by their strength and robustness, which provides the necessary safety in each case.

In addition to controlling the whole process, at GPBMU we adjust the design of the platforms to comply with the client’s needs and current regulations.

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