The facade is one of the most important parts of a building, it constitutes the main face of it, and what is shown outside to the public. A facade can tell a lot about the personality of the building of which it is part, so it is essential to keep it clean, repaired, and safe.

Why do you have to maintain façades?

There are many elements that cause a facade to be in poor condition. Disadvantaged climatic situations such as rain or snow, are especially negative for the state of this. Street dirt or air pollution also cause a facade to deteriorate over time, as well as the color of the paint if the facade has one.

We don’t should forget the internal maintenance of the structure itself, as it is equally important and can suffer structural damage over the years that can seriously affect the safety of people.

What can we do?

From GPBMU, we are a company specialized in the maintenance of facilities and facades, where different technologies are incorporated that make its use easier, faster, or safer than those of many of our competitors, we want to offer you a series of solutions to keep the facade of your building clean, safe, and cared for.

  1. First, it is necessary to take good care of the painting of the facade. To do this you must perform a restoration of this once or twice a year to ensure that the building is kept alive.
  2. Thorough cleaning will help to maintain the facade. Facade cleaning machines would be needed to perform it properly.
  3. Prevent water leaks by means of thermal insulation of the façade as well as by means of a SATE-ETICS (External Thermal Insulation System) system
  4. Pay attention to cracks or gaps where it will be necessary to use temporary covers to prevent the entry of external agents to the building that may damage it
  5. Perform periodic inspections on the condition of the metal structures of the facade as they may have suffered damage that have affected their attachment to the rest of the facade itself

At GPBMU we take care of all these solutions for a good maintenance of the facades. Being specialists in BMU (building maintenance units), we offer good results thanks to our units such as the monorail machine.

What makes us different from others?

With 15 years leading the innovation in the whole process, we differentiate in 3 essential features:

  1. Security: GPBMU’s security policy begins at its own premises and extends to the entire project. We work to avoid and minimize any possible risk to our workers, customers, or operators of our machines.

To do this, we apply safety and health policies at every stage and train people to avoid bad practices or reckless behavior.

  • Quality: we only use components and materials from top level suppliers and the finishes applied on our machines make our equipment some of the safest and most durable in the industry.

One of the most important factors in ensuring safety is quality. In this sense, each product is elaborated and tested strictly complying with the requirements specified by the European directive on machinery 2006/42/EC and specifically by the European norm EN 1808:2015 on requirements of safety in equipment of suspended access.

In addition, we adapt our products to meet the specific regulations of each country regarding facade maintenance equipment: SASO, UL, PCT, CSA, etc.

  • Vanguard: but quality is not only in materials, processes, or services. The performance of our machines stands out from many of our competitors thanks to the innovations incorporated. GPBMU is committed to offering its customers better and better solutions.

In addition to following these three principles, we work to offer a close, personalized, and professional treatment to people who work for our partners.

If you ever need a quality, safe and innovative maintenance of your facade, do not hesitate and contact us here!

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