Trolley and powered cradle – Europe

  • Height: 60 m
  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Europe

Technical Challenges:

The suspended access solution for this building should facilitate the maintenance activities of a large number of facades. In addition, the BMUS circulation area on the roof had multiple obstacles that avoided the installation of large gondolas.

On the other hand, the track circuit for the gondola (previously installed) had very pronounced curves and the distance between rails were very short.

Solución para el mantenimiento de fachada


BMU in operation

Our solution:

Given the design of rails and the little space for the movements of the machines, our engineers decided to install three trolleys model GCM to guarantee the access to all the façades.

Unlike the other GPBMU gondola models, the GCM trolleys work with exchangeable power cradles for one or two people which was a great saving for the owner of the building.  A unique cradle for three different trolleys.

The powered cradle use in this model make the trolley much slimmer. This feature allowed movement in the narrowest areas of the deck as seen in the installation pictures.

In addition, the arms that support the BMU on the rails of the building were designed to be movable, which guaranteed safe traversing through the close curves.

Góndola con cesta motorizada

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