Manufacturers of BMU’s: The manufacture of building maintenance units (BMUs) or facade access systems is a long and differentiated process for different sectors to ensure the quality of the result. At GPBMU, specialists and manufacturers of BMUs, we are very clear about the process of creating them, and we work to provide our customers with the best possible service. If you want more detailed information about us, find out more here.

What is our BMU manufacturing process?

From GPBMU, we are involved with professionalism and specialisation in the creation of our BMUs machines for the maintenance of facades, so our services are in all phases of its manufacture, from its birth to its adaptation:


We have an experienced team of engineers who accompany the customer from the beginning of the idea. They attend to the needs of what is demanded and apply it in their BMU designs, as well as getting involved from the design phase of the building to meet the specifications of each project, as each one involves different processes and ideas.

Some of the tasks carried out by our engineers include:

  1. Preparation of technical documents: declaration of conformity of our machinery, risk analysis, procedures, and machine maintenance manuals
  2. Calculations (kinematic, dynamic, stability, material resistance, pneumatic and hydraulic studies)
  3. Drawings: 2D and 3D designs
  4. Electrical engineering: design of electrical diagrams, programming of logic controllers, design of communication solutions…


Thanks to our facilities and equipment that allow us to have large and accessible spaces, the factory staff can work together with the engineers, which helps us to facilitate internal communication between phases of the project, as well as with the client, as it minimizes the risk of incidents or complications with initial expectations.


Once we have completed the first two phases of BMU creation, we move on to installation. To this end, we ensure that our partners receive quality training in the installation and commissioning of our facade maintenance machines by instructing them on the steps to be followed and the more technical requirements to be met.

Furthermore, as our objective is to guarantee the safety and quality of our results, in all those installations where the structure of the building or the strategic situation of the building does not allow the installation in a simple way, our staff will go to the installation site to comply with the standards.

Maintenance of gondolas

At GPBMU, we are not only concerned with the manufacture and installation of our products, but we also accompany the customer throughout the life of our BMUs. Therefore, we carry out preventive maintenance operations with the aim of ensuring that the machinery is kept in proper working order. Likewise, we carry out corrective maintenance operations if the machine shows wear or damage due to its longevity.

Replacement and retrofitting

If our staff notices faults, new needs, or non-compliance with current regulations, we will not hesitate to advise clients on the replacement or adaptation of BMUs based on our experience in the sector of technical assessment of maintenance equipment and cleaning of building facades.

If you are interested in GPBMU, Manufacturers of BMU’s services as a customer or distributor, please contact us using the following form.

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