Get to know how is the creation process of a façade gondola

At GPBMU we engage in the entire creation process of our products. We have been designing and manufacturing gondolas since our foundation, thanks to the work of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. Our expertise has enabled customers all over the world to recognise our gondolas as synonymous for quality and safety. In the case of this type of machine, we offer four different models that we adapt to the needs of each customer. However, the creation process is remarkably similar amongst them, and we explain it below.

Firstly, at GPBMU we develop the engineering of the machine. Our team of engineers works with our distributors to provide the most suitable solutions for each project, meeting delivery deadlines and guaranteeing good service and customer satisfaction. 

We are also involved in the design phase of the building, in order to guarantee solutions that integrate with the architecture and provide an effective response. This is because each gondola model acts on diverse types of façades. For instance, our GPI model is the solution for buildings of all height ranges and with straight or negative façades. It is also ideal for roofs where obstacles make it difficult for the BMU to move along the parapet. Overall, being involved in the design of the building allows us to anticipate the customer’s needs, in order to meet them when developing the engineering of the machine.

The tasks conducted by our engineers include:

  • Preparation of technical documents
  • Calculations (stability studies, material resistance studies, etc.).
  • 2D and 3D drawings of the plans
  • Electrical engineering

Secondly, we go on to manufacture the machine. The operating personnel build the machine, and by being in close contact with the engineering staff, we reduce to zero the number of incidents during the manufacturing process, while ensuring that we meet the deadlines agreed with the customer. Being a manufacturer is what makes us different and allows us to guarantee each and every one of the materials and components used in our façade access solutions through maintenance units. 

These two steps make up the process we follow at GPBMU to create a gondola. However, we offer three additional services around BMUs, which we will now explain.

We train our employees for the installation and commissioning of our equipment, giving detailed instructions on the technical requirements to be met by the different elements. 

For more technically complex installations, our staff will personally travel to the installation site to provide advice and ensure that the highest quality standards are met. 

Once the gondola has been designed, manufactured, and installed, we offer a maintenance service. We conduct two operations depending on the needs of the machine. 

On the one hand, preventive maintenance operations are aimed at guaranteeing the proper functioning and safety of the machine. These are periodic inspections that ensure that the machine functions as it did on the first day of installation for its entire life.

On the other hand, corrective maintenance operations are conducted when deficiencies in the equipment are detected, as a result of the wear and tear of certain parts or minor damage caused by regular use.

Finally, we offer a BMU replacement and adaptation service to our customers when they encounter any of the following situations:

  • Engineering design failures
  • Non-compliance with regulations
  • Lack of maintenance leading to negative consequences for the customer
  • New façade maintenance needs not covered by the old BMU.
  • Innovation in the model. 

At GPBMU we are experts in the technical assessment of façade maintenance equipment, and this is why we advise both national and international clients on the replacement or adaptation of equipment.

The process of creating a façade gondola is fully covered at GPBMU, always meeting the customer’s needs, and offering additional services for the maximum performance of the machines. Do not hesitate and trust in our quality services.

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