Maintaining a clean, safe, and well-maintained facade is an indispensable task not only for the external appearance of the building, but also for the safety of the internal structure itself. However, good maintenance may not be an easy task. Sometimes facades are located at great heights, making access difficult for maintenance workers, or even in unfavourable situations to reach them.

With products in more than 20 countries on all continents, GPBMU takes these possibilities into account, which is why we have a complete range of building maintenance units (BMU) available, focused on ensuring not only the quality of the results, but also the safety of the workers. If you want to know more about our international projects, find out more here!

What types of BMUs do we offer?

  1. Gondolas: Our star product. GPBMU has been designing and manufacturing gondolas since its foundation thanks to the work of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. Our know-how has enabled customers all over the world to recognise our gondolas as synonymous with quality and safety.

Although each gondola is custom designed to meet the needs of each building and client, there are four standard models: GPN, GPI, GPIT and GCM.

  • Davits/floats: The use of davits is suitable when the load capacity of the building or the configuration of the roof makes it impossible to install a gondola system.

The davits designed and manufactured by GPBMU have unique characteristics:

  1. They are lightweight, as the mast is made of aluminium
    1. Easy to transport, as they are foldable without the need to dismantle any element
    2. Fixing: the davits or davits or davits have a tensioner that facilitates their assembly on the different bases
    3. Internal safety cable
    4. Load capacity from 350 Kg

The davits are always used in combination with a one-person (model TP01) or two-person (model TP02) motorised basket.

  • Monorail: Monorails are the solution for buildings that do not allow the installation of a gondola system on the roof. The assembly of the monorail involves the installation of brackets around the entire perimeter of the building, along which a motorised basket for one or two people (TP01 or TP02 basket) will move.

Monorails are also installed inside buildings for the maintenance of structures at height.

  • Gantry: Gantries are a great solution for the internal and external maintenance of glazed structures. They are very versatile equipment that can be perfectly adapted to the architecture of low-rise buildings.

Gantries are characterised by being rail-mounted systems, which allow access to hard-to-reach surfaces where direct contact with the glass is not recommended.

Some uses of gantries:

  1. Glazed roofs
    1. Vaults
    2. Skylights

Gantries can incorporate motorised baskets (TP01 and TP02) or have specially designed bridges for the passage of one or more operators.

  • Suspended platforms: The characteristics of the baskets designed and manufactured by GPBMU make them unique:
    • Tailor-made design: we adjust the design of our platforms to strictly comply with the customer’s needs
    • Lightweight: thanks to our design and choice of materials
    • Resistance and robustness: achieved thanks to the engineering behind our designs and the right choice of materials and finishes
    • Safety: we manufacture in accordance with the applicable regulations in each case

If you ever need a quality, safe and innovative maintenance of your facade, do not hesitate and contact us!

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