Building maintenance units, also known as BMUs, are equipment for accessing façades for cleaning, maintenance, and repair. At GPBMU we offer the following types of technology according to the needs of each of our clients:

  • Davits
  • Monorails
  • Gantries
  • Platforms
  • Gondolas

In this article we will focus on monorail systems. We have been designing and manufacturing Building maintenance units since our foundation, ensuring quality and safety in each one of them. We will now define them, explain their usage and introduce the standard models that we produce at GPBMU.

Monorail systems are the perfect solution for buildings where the roof has different elements that makes it difficult for the installation of other façade access systems, such as davits, gantries or gondolas.

When the building has a roof with obstacles, such as lifts, ventilation systems or antennas, there are specific BMU systems that operate accordingly to these conditions. Some of the systems used are gondolas, specially our GPI model, that can be used in buildings of all height ranges, either with straight or negative façades (by  adding a pantograph).

When the roof has different elements that which difficult the installation of other façade access systems (davits, gantries or gondolas and the GPI model), the necessities of the building are more specific.

Monorail systems are the perfect solution for buildings where the roof has different elements, thus specific necessities. Monorails are the solution for buildings that do not allow the installation of machinery on the roof. The assembly of the monorail involves the installation of brackets around the entire perimeter of the building, along which a motorised basket for one or two people that will move thanks to the rails.

Monorails can also be installed inside buildings for the maintenance of structures at height.

The installation process of the monorail system has two previous steps that we cover in GPBMU with our services. These steps are, firstly, the engineering process, and secondly, the manufacturing process.

During the engineering we develop technical documentation, various calculations relevant to the installation of the equipment, 2D and 3D design of the equipment and electrical engineering processes. In addition, GPBMU is involved since the design phase of the building, in order to guarantee solutions that integrate with the architecture and provide an effective response to the client’s needs.

After the engineering phase, we build the machine in our factories. Being a manufacturer allows us to guarantee each and every one of the materials and components used in our façade access solutions. In addition, our operators and our engineers work in collaboration to reduce to zero the number of incidents during any part of the process.

For the installation and commissioning of our equipment, we train our employees, giving detailed instructions on the technical requirements to be met by the different elements.

For more technically complex installations, our staff will personally travel to the installation site to provide advice and ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

Our solutions for the maintenance of buildings and façades include several technologies that make its usage easier, faster and safer. When trusting GPBMU, your needs will be fulfilled ensuring quality standards.

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