In the universe of engineering and architecture, there is one challenge that has captivated the minds of innovators and builders: suspended platforms. These structures defy gravity and offer bold solutions to reach new heights in design and functionality. From suspension bridges to state-of-the-art suspended structures, elevated platforms represent a milestone in structural engineering, combining technical precision with remarkable visual impact.

Features of our platforms

In this space, we will explore the world of suspended platforms in depth. We will discuss their advanced, custom design along with the features of the engineered baskets that make them unique.

Suspended platforms stand out for a number of distinctive features:

  1. Custom design: we specialize in tailoring the design of our platforms to precisely meet the needs of each client. Each project is unique and customized, allowing for an optimal solution that fits exactly to the specific requirements. Our engineers will be at the client’s disposal from the very beginning of the project.
  2. Lightweight and efficiency: our focus on design and careful selection of materials allows us to offer exceptionally lightweight suspended platforms, without compromising strength or functionality. This combination of lightness and performance maximizes the efficiency and practicality of our solutions. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we have perfected the entire process from manufacturing to technical aspects to ensure the most efficient results.
  3. Strength and durability: the sophisticated engineering behind our designs and the meticulous choice of materials and finishes guarantee the strength and robustness needed to withstand demanding loads and adverse conditions. Our suspended platforms are designed to last over time, maintaining their structural integrity. In addition, we guarantee their safety thanks to the numerous revisions and checks that are carried out during the process.
  4. Focus on safety: We strictly comply with the applicable regulations for each project, prioritizing safety at all stages of design, fabrication and installation. Our commitment to the highest safety standards ensures peace of mind for our customers and end users, making our company completely reliable and our work guaranteed to deliver flawless results.

Our dedication to excellence in design, quality materials and rigorous safety standards allows us to offer suspended platforms that not only meet but exceed expectations, providing reliable and effective solutions for a variety of industrial applications and needs. We have completed projects in more than 20 countries on five continents over our 15 years of experience.

BMU Services

At GPBMU we are experts in the technical evaluation of building maintenance units and advise national and international clients on a daily basis on the replacement or retrofitting of facade access equipment.

Whether by phone, email or a visit to our facilities, we will be happy to assist you and provide you with the professional support you need. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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