The Economical and Efficient Solution from GPBMU

In the landscape of solutions for building façade access, davits or davits emerge as an efficient and cost-effective alternative, especially when building characteristics or roof layout present challenges that prevent the installation of conventional gondola systems. In this context, the davits designed and manufactured by GPBMU stand out as a versatile and reliable solution, offering unique features that optimize safety and efficiency in maintenance and access tasks at height.

Distinctive Features of Davits 

The uniqueness of GPBMU davits or davits is revealed in their exceptional features, making a significant difference in their functionality and practicality:

  1. Lightness and transportability: the mast made of aluminum gives our davits an exceptional lightness, facilitating their transport without compromising their structural strength. The ability to fold without disassembling any element makes them a highly practical and adaptable solution to different environments.
  2. Ease of assembly: our davits have a fixing system that incorporates a turnbuckle, speeding up and simplifying their assembly in different bases, allowing a fast and safe installation.
  3. Safety Incorporated: with an internal safety cable and a load capacity starting at 350 kg, our davits are designed and manufactured prioritizing safety in every detail, ensuring optimal conditions for work at height.

The davits are used with motorized baskets with one (model TP01) or two (model TP02) occupants, enhancing their versatility and adaptability to different operational needs.

Strategic Advantages

The choice of our davits translates into significant strategic advantages:

– Adaptability to challenging environments: the lightness and versatility of our davits make them an ideal solution for buildings with difficult or limited configurations.

– Operational efficiency: ease of transport and assembly streamlines installation and maintenance operations, reducing time and optimizing resources.

– Safety and Reliability: the priority on safety integrated into the design ensures a safe and reliable working environment for tasks at height.

GPBMU’s certified davits represent a solid and reliable option for the changing demands of access at height. With a focus on innovation, safety and efficiency, we are committed to providing solutions that exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results on every project.

At GPBMU, we strive to offer a comprehensive service that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. Your satisfaction and clarity in communication are fundamental to us. Therefore, we invite you to visit our website, where you will find a contact form designed to facilitate direct and effective communication with our team.

Our team of highly trained professionals is at your disposal to offer customized solutions, expert technical guidance and support at every stage of your project. Whether you are looking for advice on our height access solutions, specific technical requirements or simply wish to explore our product offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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