Our Mission: to maximize the useful life of your building.

At GPBMU, we not only care about providing state-of-the-art maintenance equipment, but we are also committed to being partners in the ongoing care of structures. This article is a testament to our commitment to excellence and durability, intended to assist those seeking to ensure the longevity and safety of their buildings.

Investing in proper planning and maintenance not only preserves physical infrastructure, but also safeguards long-term safety and financial investment. This guide is a valuable tool on the road to protecting and extending the life of your building.

Building Maintenance Plan: a guide to maximizing the life of your building

Maintaining the integrity, safety and efficiency of a building over time requires meticulous planning and proper maintenance. At GPBMU, we understand the importance of maximizing the useful life of every building, which is why we’ve put together these detailed steps to help you implement an effective maintenance plan to ensure the longevity of your structure.

1. Installation: Ensuring a Safe Start

The installation of façade access equipment, such as our building maintenance units (BMU), is a crucial step in ensuring functionality and safety. Our partners receive specialized training to carry out the installation and commissioning of the equipment, meeting rigorous technical and safety standards.

In projects of high technical complexity, our team supervises the installation to ensure that the highest quality and safety standards are met.

2. Maintenance: ensuring Continuous Efficiency and Safety

Implement a preventive maintenance program that includes cleaning, painting and repairing minor problems. This proactive approach helps prevent major damage and prolongs the life of key components. Our building maintenance teams go through crucial phases of inspection and ongoing care. Our staff works closely with our engineers from the engineering phase through to BMU construction, ensuring a smooth process and adherence to agreed deadlines.

Preventive maintenance operations are essential to maintain the proper functioning and safety of BMUs. 

Replacement and Technology Upgrades: Improving Performance

The recommendation to replace or upgrade old BMUs is based on a thorough technical evaluation. Reasons such as design flaws, regulatory non-compliance or lack of maintenance are key considerations. At GPBMU, we advise national and international clients on a daily basis on the replacement or retrofitting of facade access equipment, using our technical expertise to ensure optimum efficiency and safety.

By following these steps and collaborating with maintenance service professionals like GPBMU, you can be sure that your building will not only stand the test of time, but will thrive in terms of efficiency and durability.

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