BMU Expert: Building maintenance and cleaning units, also known as BMUs, are essential to ensure the quality, safety, and innovation of the maintenance of not only the building itself, but also one of its most essential parts: the façade. At GPBMU we have been leading innovation in the whole process for 15 years since 2007, when Jesús Plaza founded JPV Plaza Vilar and gained a great deal of experience in the field of BMUs. Later, his years in the profession led him to create GPBMU, making us a benchmark in the gondola market. BMU expert, GPBMU

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What makes us a reference as specialists in BMUs?

In addition to having several quality and conformity certificates such as the UL Certificate (recognition of our products for the guarantee of obtaining safety and quality standards in our products), our experience and specialisation in BMUs are based on three pillars:

  1. Firstly, GPBMU is made up of teams of professionals who have managed not only to position the company as a great reference in the building façade maintenance sector, but who have also managed to take GPBMU to the top thanks to their close, personalised and professional relationship with all our clients
  2. The second differentiation that can be found in us with respect to other competitors is not only the quality and safety of our BMUs, but also the guarantee of innovation and development of new technologies. To this end, our design and engineering team ensures the simplest, fastest, and safest use of our building façade cleaning and maintenance machines.
  3. Our facilities and equipment also position us as a major reference in the BMU industry as we have a space of 1900 m2 of which 400m2 are outdoors to respond to the demand of all our customers. In addition, our warehouses are divided into the following sections:
  • Administration
  • Commercial
    • National
    • International
  • Marketing
  • Production
    • Calculation engineering
    • Production engineering
    • Electrical engineering
  • Manufacturing
    • Boilermaking
    • Welding
    • Electrical
    • Assembly
    • Maintenance
    • Quality Control

Thus, our ten years in the design and manufacture of facade access gondolas is not the only thing that positions us as a reference in experience and specialisation in the sector, but the quality of our professionals, the involvement in research and development of our products and the facilities at our disposal, are what allow us to provide our customers with safe, quality, and avant-garde BMUs.

If you are interested in GPBMU’s services as a customer or distributor, please contact us using the following form.

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